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Your Leadership

> Build your confidence
> Prepare for your next role
> Enhance emotional intelligence
> Master organizational dynamics

One-third of all Fortune 500 companies use Coaching

as leadership development for their executives and talented up-and-comers.

Over 70% of people who experience leadership coaching report
increased levels of self-awareness, self-management, and self-leadership.


Chad Wolohan

VP Mining | Senior Executive Leader

Solaris Resource

Cindy is a fantastic leadership coach!


She helped me with increasing my understanding of emotional intelligence and how to apply it to my leadership skill sets and in my personal life.


Cindy has a remarkable coaching style which helped me enhance my leadership style, skill sets, and EQ. I highly recommend Cindy for leadership coaching.

Before Coaching...


You want to grow, invest in yourself, and get moving forward.


You suspect you’ve got what it takes but don’t know where to start.  

You've tried to advance on your own, but something is missing.   

After Coaching...


You make progress by “unlearning” habits that hold you back.​​


You build your emotional intelligence and improve your management style. 


You make powerful career moves by applying your new insights.



Melody Rose

Director, Fulfillment Services

Stratasys Direct marketing

Working with Cindy has been a very rewarding opportunity for me. Not only does she bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, but she's also been able to help me quickly move to practical solutions to my biggest challenges as a leader.


Her authenticity and genuine interest in me made our conversations valuable beyond just my career, and it was a real pleasure to engage with her on even difficult topics. I highly recommend Cindy as a partner in moving your professional life forward!

 80% of people with a coach report an increase in self-confidence.

61% report higher job satisfaction &  67% experience greater teamwork!

What Others Are Saying...

Over 70% of people that receive leadership coaching experience increased levels of  self-awareness,

self-management, and self-leadership. 


​Dear Ambitious Leader,

Never has it been more difficult to be in a leadership role. The complexities and expectations of the work environment require more expertise than ever before. But, here you are ... still determined to better yourself, gain knowledge, and be a greater contributor!

Let me assure you: 

(1) You are more capable than you can imagine.
(2) You have potential that you haven't uncovered yet.
(3) You absolutely can become the leader you want to be! 

With my years of experience coaching owners, teams, executives, supervisors, and managers, I am confident I can help you reach your next level.

If you're willing to put in the work, you will reap the results. Coaching is a development tool like no other! 

Reach out today for a free and friendly conversation. 


Executive coaching is an invaluable tool for leaders to

become more effective and efficient, while also helping to cultivate a healthy corporate culture.

David hagarty.jfif

David Hagerty

Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy

Purolater Inc.

As I stepped into a new role within my organization, I had the opportunity to work with Cindy. She is a true professional, and a master of her craft. With Cindy's help, I was able to better recognize my areas of strength, where I could improve myself, and specific behaviors I needed to adjust.


She has a unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complicated business relationships, along with developing strategies and identifying drivers for change. Cindy was able to provide timely guidance and support that helped foster my professional development and put me on a path toward success.

But I Don't Have The Time!


​You're right: you don't have the time to postpone your professional development any longer.


You already spend too much of your valuable time problem-solving, putting out fires, spinning your wheels, and wondering why your team isn't moving forward. 

Making time for coaching isn't just an investment in your future, it's an investment in yourself.


Investing in yourself through coaching will give you the knowledge and skills you need to be more successful and save you time! 


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