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Why Leadership Coaching?

  • According to the International Coaching Federation, the average ROI for leadership coaching is 7 times the initial investment. ​

  • Leadership coaching has been proven to increase productivity and performance by up to 70% (Forbes).

  • Center for Creative Leadership studies found that leadership coaching can increase leadership effectiveness by as much as 86%.

  • Coaching has been found to increase motivation in Executives by up to 68% (American Society for Training and Development)

Want More Information? 
Download these insights on Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, and the vital role of leaders in the workplace. 

The Emotionally Intelligent (EI)

HR Professional Course 


  • Develop your self-awareness. 

  • Understand how to "read the room."

  • Learn to appreciate the power of emotions.

  • Leverage EI to elevate your career. 

  • Improve decision-making skills.

  • Increase your influence at work.  

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