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Coaching Programs  

For nine transformative months, we work closely to perfect and refine your leadership style through personalized coaching and targeted exercises. What you learn with me will become a living, breathing part of your leadership practice, going far beyond the classroom, and showing up in every decision.

Alongside our one-on-one collaboration, I'll provide you with multiple resources that include a personalized blend of assessments and exercises designed to enhance your leadership approach.

Offering a high level of support through priority scheduling, on-the-spot emergency access, and real-time text, our collaboration ensures your access to resources, expertise, and guidance.

I stand with you as teacher, navigator, and catalyst, helping you rise to new heights as a Leader.

Investment: $16K




9 months

Designed for those ready to take their leadership to the next level, Advanced Success is a six-month program that goes deeper than surface level concepts. With one-on-one coaching and targeted exercises, we'll align your leadership style with your goals, team's needs, and organizational culture.

Whether you're aiming to excel in a current role or transform your leadership style, this program provides the skills, insights, and tools needed to accelerate your success.

In addition to our collaboration, I'll provide you with numerous resources, personalized assessments, and valuable exercises to strengthen your capabilities.

This is about setting ambitious targets and systematically achieving them with precision, equipping you to lead with clarity, confidence, and authenticity.

Investment: $11,450




6 months

The Intensive Track is a fast-paced six-week or six-session program tailored for immediate and targeted development. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, we'll focus on your urgent challenges and leadership growth, crafting an action-oriented plan just for you.

We’ll use hands-on exercises and tools aimed at strengthening your skills in real-time. This isn't about theoretical concepts; it's about immediate application and tangible results.

Whether you're navigating transitions or need swift performance improvement, this program offers a concentrated approach to meet your needs.

With targeted focus and dynamic support, the Intensive Track is a concentrated burst of growth, created to propel you forward while laying a solid foundation for ongoing success.

Investment: $4,450




6 sessions

Highlights of The Experience  


Start the journey

  • Recognize where you are at and where you're headed.

  • Explore your core values, beliefs, and intentions to guide your leadership style.

  • Identify your unique strengths and areas for development.

  • Set specific goals and desired outcomes to measure success.

  • Gain valuable self-awareness to understand what drives you.


  • Experience increasing confidence. 


Make your mark 

  • Uncover the barriers that are holding you back and learn how to overcome them.

  • Embrace change and develop adaptability to stay relevant.

  • Enhance your emotional intelligence to build stronger relationships.

  • Cultivate empathy to understand and value different perspectives.

  • Strengthen your leadership presence. 


Achieve and ascend

  • Recognize and quantify the performance improvements you've achieved.

  • Acknowledge how effective communication has advanced your career.

  • Experience your enhanced emotional intelligence and its impact on your relationships.

  • Celebrate the career progression you've earned through focused leadership.

  • Implement a strategy for sustained momentum. 

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