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John Wasson

Regional General Manager

Chromalloy LLC

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cindy for a few years. During that time, she demonstrated an unparalleled level of authentic care for the employees. Not only does she strive to continually advance her knowledge and skill set as a mentor, coach, and HR professional, but she also takes a deep interest in helping others advance their careers as well. 

On a more personal level, Cindy coached me in both the strategic and tactical aspects of leading a team. Her perspective has helped me create and lead a highly collaborative and successful team. I highly recommend Cindy as an HR professional and personal coach.

Deidre Bradley

Deidre Bradley

Vice President Human Resources

HCA Healthcare

I would highly recommend Cindy as an executive coach.


She listens intently and quickly identifies what you need to work on.


Cindy is extremely professional and provides gentle feedback to help you see potential blind spots that may inhibit your professional success.

Phil Dalke

Phil Dalke

General Manager

Americas Gold and Silver

Cindy's passion for people and improving our soft skills are critical and translate to any industry. Her approach and demeanor are perfect.

I have known Cindy since ~2014, when Cindy in an HR role was voluntarily and frequently sending mine supervision helpful leadership tips, which added to the bottom line. Recently, I have sent Cindy two "mentees", even though the coaching is confidential, the feedback from the mentees is always positive!


Jessie Link

Process Superintendant

Metallurgical Consultant

Winnemucca, NV

When I first started working with Cindy, I wanted to improve my

communication skills with my employees and fine-tune my decision-making. Over the course of a few months, I started to see myself and my work environment differently and was able to identify methods to improve my performance.

I learned new ways to manage employees and to understand my reactions to circumstances. These are things that will stick with me forever.​

Cindy was easy to work with and focused on my goals. I recommend coaching with Cindy and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Kevin Cicotti

Kevin Ciccotti

CPCC, PCC Certified

Coach/Keynote Speaker/Trainer 

The Human Factor Formula

Cindy Saunders is the consummate HR professional. She's authentic, engaged, curious, intuitive, and 100% committed to the organization and people she serves. In my tenure as an Executive Coach, I have had the opportunity to work with many incredible HR leaders across the country, and I have found none better!


Cindy's ability to get to the bottom line of issues helps her to effectively problem-solve, and her insights on effective leadership are second to none. Add to that Cindy's coaching prowess, and you have a formidable combination of skills that set her apart from the crowd. She is a leader I would not hesitate to follow.


Anna Benscoter

Student Business Services Manager

California State University Channel Islands

Over the course of a few sessions, we worked through a process that enabled me to find grounding and confidence to move forward with some very difficult decisions. 


Her HR background and coaching experience combined in such a way to bring both facts and encouragement, in perfect measure.  

What stood out to me was her ability to quickly understand the nuances of a very complicated situation, as well as the depth of her empathy. She made me feel sane and heard.  I would highly recommend Cindy as a professional and personal coach.


Vinayak Prakash

MBA Candidate 

Kellogg School of Management

Strategy & Operations

As I aspire to become a global business leader post my education, I wanted someone with whom I can discuss in detail different people related circumstances I have faced in my 5-year career so far, how I managed them and what I could have done better.

Cindy has a sound understanding of different personality types and leadership principles and helped me explore my own.


Further, she has been able to guide me around how to leverage

my own style to gel with different personalities and leadership types.

Kim Robertson

Kimberly Robertson

Director of Accounting

IEL LLC , Phoenix

Cindy is a safe and powerful resource for people who want to 

be the best version of themselves.


Cindy coached me during a pivotal moment in my career. I was not confident with speaking up to my management team and needed to learn a way to do this and be “ok” with it.

Cindy coached me through this and it’s had such a positive impact on my career and personal life.

Kit Prendergast

Katherine (Kit) Prendergast

PCC Certified Executive Leadership Coach

Career Connections of Sierra Nevada

Cindy brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her professional coaching with leaders and their teams.  Over the years, Cindy has worked within business entities of all sizes and industries. She has coached individuals on the executive level, upper management and supervisory levels. 


Cindy is particularly skilled at identifying employee engagement needs and designing innovative programs to meet these needs. 

Cindy is highly successful in bringing out the best of everyone she has the opportunity to coach and mentor. 


If you are a well-seasoned leader or one just starting out you will benefit greatly from partnering with Cindy to excel in your future leadership role and responsibilities.  


Wendy Jarding

Administrative Assistant

Intermountain Electric

Cindy helped coach me through the most challenging interpersonal circumstance of my career.  It was a major hurdle that effected my capacity to function at work on a day-to-day basis.


Her ability to really see and hear me, her understanding of workplace politics, and her authentic feedback empowered

me forward beyond this difficult period. 


I learned new coping skills and strategies that continue to propel me forward in my personal and professional life today.

Dan Oconnor

Dan O'Connor


Vertex Recruiting LLC

I have known and worked with Cindy since 2016. Her breadth of industry experience and depth of concern for employees and associates is tough to find in industry today.


She consistently makes the extra effort to ensure employees' concerns are addressed and mesh with company requirements. This background and experience created a solid foundation for Cindy as a coach to advise professionals as they navigate their career growth and transitions.


If you are looking for something in your career to give you that edge and make a difference, reach out to Cindy!  

Martha Beardsell

Martha (Taylor) Beardsell

Leadership & Business Development

United Kingdom

Perceptive & curious - two hallmarks of a great coach and two traits that Cindy exudes. I had the pleasure of working alongside Cindy whilst delivering leadership programs at her organization. I was impressed at Cindy's ability to intuitively ask great questions and cut to the heart of every issue.


Cindy's values and wisdom in all things people-oriented really struck a chord with me. With Cindy as your coach you are

well placed to succeed.

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